St. Pius Catholic Church Sound System Installation

St. Pius Church in Greensboro, NC, recently built a new sanctuary to accomodate their growing parish. The building, which seats 1200 people and has gothic-like ceilings 80' high, is an accoustical challenge. The space is highly reverberant and has a challenging speech transmission index - making it a very loud room where speech can be difficult to understand - much like the gothic cathedrals it was fashioned after. However, St. Pius has a more modern worship style including a full band with drums!

Audio & Light was hired to design and install a sound system that will perform well in the space. Audio & Light design engineer Brian Cox consulted with Renkus-Heinz and confirmed that the answer for this challening project is the Iconyx IC-32 steerable line array. You can learn more about the product here. The Iconyx speaker array worked very well in this application. Speech is clear, music well controlled and the choir can be understood everywhere in the room.